Happy Memories Inside of Happy Gifts

“Description: A perfect gift is filled with memories that will only grow over time. This article can serve as a buying guide for anyone looking for the perfect gift for people that they care about. Gifts always bring happy memories. When it comes to housewarming gifts, you are sure to be appreciated for your gesture no matter how big or small the gift you choose.
However, in order to make sure that the gifts you choose will be useful for your friends or family who have moved in to a new house, it helps if you base your selection on some important parameters. Here is a quick buying guide for housewarming gifts that will help you make the right choice.

Factors to consider before buying a gift –

1. Design or the structure of the house: It might be a little difficult to buy gifts for a new home if you are not too sure of the size or design of the house. Every home has a theme – it could be French classic, traditional or modern. If you are choosing any decor items for your home, it is important that you choose something that will blend with the decor theme of the home. You can ask your friends or family who are moving in to get an idea. If you are not too sure about the design of the house, it is better if you plan on common gifts. This could be kitchen appliances or cooking ware.

2. Practical use of the gift: A gift that is practically usable will be appreciated more than just a decorative piece. While the decorative pieces like wall hangings and picture frames are also important for a new home, it is important to first let your friends or family who have moved in get all the basic things that they need for their home. In order to be sure that the gift you present is something that home owners need, you can check the gift registry that they have made.
Also, it is good to ask them their preferences before you shop for a gift. A baking tray for instance, would be an unpractical gift for those homeowners who don’t bake.

Gift ideas for housewarming gifts –

1. Goodies basket: A goodies basket can be just about anything. From a basket full of food items to a wine gift basket or baskets with bath linen or tools – there is no limit to the ideas. When people move in to a new home, they practically are busy throughout. In between the hullabaloo of moving, they seldom find time to eat or cook. You can present them a basket full of canned food and other quickies so that they able to keep their hunger at bay. A very thoughtful gift, you are sure to receive a lot of appreciation for your gratitude. Wine is a symbol of celebration. A wine gift basket with some champagne flutes, an exotic bottle of wine, a wine bottle opener and other such accessories will always be loved. You can even create an assorted gift basket with spa items and bath linen. Or, a gift basket with garden tools that is perfect for someone who loves gardening. There is practicality no limit to what your gift basket can contain.

2. Kitchen appliances: Kitchen appliances are basic tools for any new home. Most people who move in to a new home will like to have everything new. In order to get them the appliance that they truly need, you can either check with them or check in their gift registry. Things like coffee mugs, cookie jars, wine racks, etc are some of the preferred gift items.

3. Home decor accents: Throw pillows, rugs, wall hangings, picture frames, wall decals, window valances and the likes are perfect housewarming gifts. You can even get some scented candles. The above are just a few suggestions on the housewarming gifts that you can buy. There is a whole lot of ideas that you can choose from. The gifts you choose depend on your budget and on your relationship with the home owner.”


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